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Comments on song "Khilaunaa Jaan Kar Tum To Meraa Dil Tod Jaate Ho"
adnanax on March 18, 2008
waoo..mumtaaz is looking beautiful
drsadz on March 23, 2008
Is he purposefully making exaggerated expressions? Or actually upset? I havent seen the film but his crying looks overdone - not sure if its on purpose?
drsadz on April 03, 2008
?? A 'brainsick'? Apologies - its the first time I've heard that word...What does it mean?
archervip on April 12, 2008
Such a great song in terms of music and singing. But I don't particularly like the scene. Director could have done a better job. For those that don't know Sanjeev Kumar is playing the 'pagal' and Mumtaz is his caretaker.
UsherRed on April 27, 2008
Sanjeev Kumar is playing a role of a man who is mentally ill:)
oldsongs1 on April 28, 2008
If you want to view this song in another language, try 'naan unnai
azhaikkavillai' from the Tamil movie 'Engiruntho Vanthaal' (1970).
sitarebalbali on May 02, 2008
such good acting from sanjeev,wow.great actor,beautiful song and a unique
voice made this song one of the best.thanks for uploading it.
sweetsuga786 on May 08, 2008
His acting is amazing, it's like he has the mind of a 10 year old. SONG IS MY FAVE :) x
Shireenmoekie on June 10, 2008
old will always be gold..
moonlighttz on August 16, 2008
awesome brings tears to my eyes
Beauty22Sabrina on August 21, 2008
This is a beautiful song...I love this song... You will love it if you understand the meaning of thhe song...mmmmuuuaaahhhh VERY NICE.
jazzybest on August 31, 2008
anyone point me to english translation please -? Thanks
omarkarinian on September 13, 2008
it reminds me of my days as a little boy, when mum and dad loved me so much, in those care free days. these songs are a link to my past some 40 years ago, they will never come again
Alphaqueen67 on September 19, 2008
There are no words for a song such as this. It has so much meaning that no
one should undermine life. Thnx for the video!!
st471438 on September 21, 2008
classic acting by Sanjeev Kumar in this wonderful song. Thank you so much
for posting this.
Imtiyaz20 on October 17, 2008
i dont understand the meaning but already in tears..pls translate 4 me
so i will cry more, thanks dear!
oldisbest on October 19, 2008
only the gr8 and immortal voice of the legend Rafi saab cud do justice to such songs with good lyrics n music!!

R I P Rafi saab, ur missed by millions!!
Navi Gee on November 06, 2008
Feel myself like him sometimes haha..
Imtiyaz20 on November 10, 2008
thx a mill amreen789!!
ahmedalimalik on November 14, 2008
Lutf Ullah on November 19, 2008
sad but still very soothing.
darlingmax on December 01, 2008
Rather amusing.. lamo his clothes :P but fantastic song though I absolutely
love this song.
KaliWala on December 10, 2008
I have been hearing this song since years now, but it has made me cry for the first time today :(
bzulqarni on December 11, 2008
His cloths are torn because he is playing a part of a mentally disturbed
person (schizophrenic).
lostpirate on December 13, 2008
AHAHAH omgg!! lolz i dont knw y lov ur comment!
xymaria on December 15, 2008
I can feel pain about getting hurt by someone i went through that really feel like we lost hole world ,deep emtyness,this song tuch my heart always just amazing tailent.
chirudance on December 17, 2008
Thanks a ton, for providing this song.
tube4625 on December 20, 2008
i been listening to it for many years now, but i cry everytime
tube4625 on December 20, 2008
ussi gham say mera aaj rishta joor jatay ho
sakkanaina on January 09, 2009
Of course you are right. Sanjeev Kumar played a violent lunatic in the
darlingmax on January 11, 2009
pardon me its hindi
darbarleeds on January 12, 2009
I love it, thanks for posting this song I never heard it before
bobby94803 on January 20, 2009
simply gr8 music,gr8 singing,gr8 poetry,gr8 acting,gr8 expression.too gud,no words,God give place in heaven to Rafi Sahib n SANJEEV G
prince524 on January 27, 2009
hey you.. dont you know its urdu language... all words use in this song is purely urdu words..not your hindi words.. that is not understandable.. so you have to learn wat is urdu...
bashar2001 on January 30, 2009
hey guyes its urdu but not paki urdu its indian the great urdu
hellopupyup on February 06, 2009
It is filled with emotions..tears r running down my cheeks right now... I love it ...both the song and the tears that it brings...both r neat!
fpanhwar on February 07, 2009
LOL, whats the difference dude?
jaanleva on February 10, 2009
OH MY GOD!!! damn!!! what a beautiful song... i really mean it...
amazing... cannot find enough words... amazing...
raj6408 on February 10, 2009
By the way prince524 - the grammars and composition of Urdu has evolved
from Sanskrit. The only difference between Urdu and Hindi is that Urdu has
borrowed vocabularies from Turkish, Persian and Arabic language. In fact
most people in India use Hindi/Urdu mixed language and not pure hindi
language. Of course, urdu is a lot sweeter language and there is no
pointing fighting over which language is better as they fundamentally
evolved from Sanskrit.
rahilanaz on February 20, 2009
Sanjeev Kumar bohat hi shandaar Parsonality ke malek they ...aur Mumtaz to
choyii moyii sii pyari sii ghuria lagti hain ..aur Mohammad Rafi jee ki
awaaz to Hum sab ke liye khuda pak ki taraf se ek gift ha bohat hi lajuwab
song wah wah...
bashar2001 on February 21, 2009
diffrence is all paki's mixed up panjabi in urdu but indian always choose
and says right word urdu... i hope u understand
fpanhwar on February 21, 2009
no man, its not true... it depends where u r from... yes people with mother tongue being punjabi speak like that (its not their fault) but oters specially in karachi speak perfectly. just wanted to get my msg through.u dont have to agree though...
jaanleva on February 25, 2009
this guy has acted pretty well too
xx22az on February 25, 2009
mindblowing,superb what can i say?
Katie Cunnigham on March 07, 2009
lol.i remember as a lil kid v would tear our clothes n sing this
song.havent watched it before.beautifull.
spacekangaroo on March 20, 2009
And if you take a Punjabi boli, an Italian opera melody, a Sanskrit hymn, a
Russian folk song, a Tamil bhajan, a Bengali balad, or a Persian poem, and
translate them into Urdu or Hindi, then they will also lose their charm.
Every language has its own charm. Stop being so arrogant in thinking that
your own language is better than everyone else's. You can't appreciate the
beauty of other languages because you don't speak them. After all, you can
barely speak English.
freevideoes on March 25, 2009
beautiful lyrics, music, and acting ..
msubrata100 on April 16, 2009
thanks a lot. nice to see that there are still people like you who know to discuss in a right manner without boosting own language and belittling other languages.
raj6408 on April 16, 2009
Thanks for your complimentary words. Its an irony that people belittle the
very parent culture and language that they come from and look at things
through the mask of religion.
MP29042003 on April 30, 2009
this guy is a great Person i wont say an actor but as a human being he is great he never got married because he loved a girl and she got married somewhere else so he died a virgin.
this great mans name is Sanjeev Kumar the best. my favourite actor and apparently my mother-in-laws hero he was too. what an understanding!
in this film Khilona he did a superb job. God give peace to your soul where ever you are my salute to Sanjeev Kumar.
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