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Comments on song "Khudaaya Tu Bata"
Taseer Ahmad on May 26, 2012
its not bay pata.its la pata...come on.
Rakeen A. Rahman on May 26, 2012
Awesome song!!!
mrprfctimi on May 26, 2012
one of best song by vishal shehkar
fozan0561824735 on May 26, 2012
hahahahahahahahaha your right
Afrillia N on May 26, 2012
1:43 Emraan Killing smile XD
Anil Vasani on May 26, 2012
love u imran.
TheHash888 on May 26, 2012
awesome song.
Urdu lyrics are not used a days
kamran ali on May 26, 2012
nice song <3 imi..;)
KenDM on May 26, 2012
Lol tell me about it. It's like when they say "maine kara hai" instead of
"maine kiya hai". But that's just how languages evolve I guess.
Uzair Asif on May 26, 2012
yar muja ye btao is larki me kea bat ha jo flim me li ha ..
Farhan Mohiuddin on May 26, 2012
no i think it is be pata only.
Yasir Zaman on May 26, 2012
Love this song thanks t.series
DirtyeXpert on May 26, 2012
Emraan Hashmi ♥♥♥ Just LOVE you men ...
7ankss on May 26, 2012
Emraan Hashmi, you are a lucky guy, most amazing songs are filmed on
you. and you are an awesome actor. In my opinion khans are nothing
in front of you... AWESOME SONG
sanamo86 on May 27, 2012
Credit of this song goes to Vishal & Shekhar duo & then Emraan's expression
bilal alim on May 27, 2012
just amazing..!!!!!
Syed Salman on May 27, 2012
rehan khan on May 27, 2012
its bay pata only..bay pata means bina pate ke(jiska pata nahi hai)...aur
la pata means gum hogaye
sami Sulman on May 28, 2012
can,t stop listening
barbie62591 on May 28, 2012
God <3 Emran Hashmii! no matter how film Emran makes but his songs are definately awesomee <3
Sahib Yar on May 28, 2012
yarrrrrr yeh banda kamal he.. song chun chun k picturize krwata he.
sumit pattnaik on May 28, 2012
nice song and SHANGHAI rocks!!
Saifullah Saleem on May 28, 2012
really good song
Taseer Ahmad on May 28, 2012
go n read any dictionary. they r not letting me post any link in de word is la pata which means missing.."as u said jis ka pata
na ho". Lol
7ankss on May 28, 2012
EMRAAN you are the most lucky guy in Bollywood... you have the best of
best songs filmed on you... I hope Bollywood History will remember you
always... and yeah you are ab outstanding actor,,,,, so sorry- that you
don't have a GODFATHER in the industry- otherwise you would have been on
the top, wish you all the best :)
Nikhil Gill on May 29, 2012
wat a song man imran always choose the songs beyond the awesomee
rehan khan on May 29, 2012
In which dictionary are u cheching literally is one without
an address... and la-pata means only missing...and in this song emraan dont
have the kalki kochin address lol.''la-pata is hindi word and be-pata is
urdu word''...chek in urdu dictionary
Amey Inamdar on May 29, 2012
Taseer Ahmad on May 29, 2012
there is nothing called bay pata in any language :P
ALOK SHETTY on May 29, 2012
It is Bay-pata ... which means one without any Address. 16 likes for a
fool ..
ALOK SHETTY on May 29, 2012
there are many words which we use even when its not in any language.
Yasir Wazankash on May 29, 2012
Its Perfection !
Yasir Wazankash on May 29, 2012
"Bay-pata" is a proper urdu language word,your argument is invalid.
aaniaMbv333 on May 29, 2012
dude u seriously think u know more than a professional lyricist ???
rehan khan on May 29, 2012
bro for me i should know urdu because when i read quran in quran i have the
arabic meaning in urdu so that we can read arabic with urdu thaths why i told that
Afghangirl0 on May 30, 2012
I can click the reply button 100 times for this song. Such a beautiful song with great face expression of Emraan
Notteebrat on May 31, 2012
Jeeeez STOP fighting over the word! Y'all just need a reason to pick up a
fight. Come on it's just a word. Whether it be la-pata or be-pata, WHO
CARES?! At least you get the point what he's trynna say. Enjoy the music!
And if you can't then just HOP OFF!
Prayag Raut on June 01, 2012
This song makes me cry and smile at the same time :'-)
El cor de la ciutat - Oscar Lullaby on June 02, 2012
es la mejor cancion que escuche en toda mi la dedique a mi amoor
Heorteji on June 04, 2012
This song should have been longer!!!
gaddamsanthosh on June 07, 2012
i don't know whether imran hashmi is luckier or the songs of imran hashmi are luckier, With him every song will be superb, awesome and can't express those feeling in words. Every music lover of indian won't be there with out listening his songs...
Jennifer Andleeb on June 07, 2012
nice...Ay khudaya .
vilasinib on June 08, 2012
The lyrics has been written by a renowned lyricist more knowledgeable than us. So its futile arguing if its be-pata or la-pata. Those who wrote this song are not fools. :)
prinzaks on June 09, 2012
this song is nt mentioned in d movie
truefriendonly on June 09, 2012
No, Be-Pata is correct word. La-pata means lost but here, he's not lost nor he wanted to be found BUT to find out her address, so he can go there and live with her on the same address.
mohit rawat on June 11, 2012
Great songs...thanks for the upload.
mohit rawat on June 11, 2012
but its not in the Movie...damn...!!!
SuperHeer1 on June 13, 2012
Its BEPATA or LAAPATA,,Who Cares..m i ryt or m i ryt ? xD
Naresh D on June 14, 2012
Awesome song..
bilal khan on June 17, 2012
good actually pretty g0od :)
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