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Comments on song "Pehli Najar Me Kaisa Jaadu Kar Diya"
rvsaid1989 on March 01, 2009
i wanna dedicate this song to the one and only love of my life Dyviesh

this was our song

i wish we were still together

i love you Divyesh

i always will
sasuke3690 on March 01, 2009
Indotion is rite. i cant believe even in these modern times u guys r arguing about sometin so silly .
rohitnair99 on March 01, 2009
brilliant singing...INDIA, am amazed by your love...hope this proud of Atif aslam..Raja hasan...mussarat abbas and all those singers who became famous through Zee and other countless channels that promoted him..grateful to our fellow indians who spend their money to vote these guys.India you are a shining symbol of tolerance and compassion to whoever comes here...way to go
xl0ve1 on March 02, 2009
atif does get credit.
who said he doesnt?
dreamer945 on March 02, 2009
this is like an exact copy of that korean song..sarang hae yo
xl0ve1 on March 02, 2009
well uhm he came to india
and india has gave him everything.
AquaShadows on March 03, 2009
jano listen to this song! for u
fluoridemakesudumb on March 06, 2009
this talentless composer stole the entire song from sarang hae yo, a korean song.
joshx016 on March 06, 2009
o.O----->it's similar a "Sarang Hae yo" by Kim Hyung Sup...really is much better in korean...
RajakarNizamiSyedi on March 06, 2009

bacchna ae haseeno is a 70s film.
this song is teh remix of that song

just search for it in RISHI KAPOOR's film

the korean singer took it from RISHI KAPOOR's film bacchna ae haseeno.
RajakarNizamiSyedi on March 06, 2009

this song is a remix of BACCHNA ae haseeno --song of late 70s from RISHI KAPOORS Bollywood film

the korean guy copied the song from there

this song is just a remix of that 70s Bollywood song
humansforlife on March 07, 2009
dude your many search entries saying that its 70's bollywood song...ROFL and here ignorant brainwashed peopl who want to tarnish bollywood images cant look PROPERLY and just want to keep blaming indian bollywood bcuz it is the best!
trinisun on March 07, 2009
Why can' you guys just enjoy the song for what it is and leave the fights and arguments for the owners of the property.
NiruL3l on March 08, 2009
This song is just PERFECT!!! :)..funny though cuz the korean version is just simply copied..this version is made soo bright and perfect. :)
sksarthak on March 08, 2009
lol this is copied from the Korean Version.
stanaca on March 11, 2009
3,091,051 views proved it's better than others
arirang29 on March 13, 2009
sassy girl chun hyang theme song
mantor420 on March 13, 2009
lol ok its a copy AND ALOT BETTER THN original one!! soo there :P
lovepkgirl on March 14, 2009
i love this song..its so cute
sorabsorab on March 14, 2009
13025 views in last 48 hours ... the lyrics and the singer is awesome . "baby i love you"
9815234211 on March 16, 2009
i love this song.bcoz i have soo many memories related 2 my life.when ever i listen this song i feel very happy
jodataskari on March 16, 2009
its a great song . but plz make original . its a copy
afrozk8 on March 17, 2009
Its not easy to even make a duplicate of this class.learn to appreciate the goodness in things.or else you will only spread hatred.
hawiie on March 17, 2009
the best song from race i love Atif Aslam he is the best his voice too
sumairDJ on March 18, 2009
SarangahaeDbskOppas on March 19, 2009
lol funny stuff how people give u thumbs down when its true!!
sksarthak on March 19, 2009
what thumbs down are you talking about?
NiruL3l on March 20, 2009
ffs we know it's a cover from an indian composer.but please the korean version is rofl...but good...this one is just better haha :)
MommaWarisAfg on March 22, 2009
its not "terrorist paki is rock" its paki rocks, yeah n true we pakies do rock ur mom, sis, wife, daughter, GF n dad up da aaas, lollllll
xl0ve1 on March 26, 2009
ii like version better than the original :P
BabyBang17datruth on March 27, 2009
Is this song sang in Punjabi?
maycanadian on March 27, 2009
hehehe. nice language :)
ikhann on March 27, 2009
naw bro this version is much better...the quality of the voice is the difference...Atif has a voice that is much more powerful..its like comparing Mariah Carey to Britney disrespect to the Korean original.
africanpride69 on March 27, 2009
I don't know what the original sounds like, but I fell inlove with this version. It's a beautiful song.
koreankhampa on March 28, 2009
i am korean..but i think this song is more better than korean's.just i think.
jesehawa on March 28, 2009
good song. one of the best
xxSausKuraxx on March 28, 2009
no this song isn't in Punjabi its Hindi
atikaamit on March 30, 2009
i luv.atifs voice and his songs.
charlieking100 on March 30, 2009
Wow!!! beautiful voice ..beautiful song.. classy lyrics... My favourite song for life
22dontmess22 on April 02, 2009
what a talented PAKI brother ... emphasis on the PAKI . ma 'shallah
samplum16 on April 02, 2009
luv thiz song!!!!! makes me think of ma past memorise sniff sniff! i wish u could come back
Theresnosuchthing08 on April 04, 2009
This is a copy of Saranghaeyo- Kim Hyung Sup!
I like the korean one better!
charlieking100 on April 07, 2009
my heart pounds hearing to this song.
alexbelle30 on April 07, 2009
i love this song!! both korean and this version!!
sabbysharon on April 10, 2009
original is amazing, and it goes perfectly with the drama that it is featured in!!!
areebyesac on April 10, 2009
Atif Aslam = amazing

awesome song
digitalzygot on April 12, 2009
Amazing this guy omg unbelievable.what a voice
bengygirl on April 12, 2009
cool song! Atif's a gud singa
bignonstoptube on April 13, 2009
RACE was a very nice movie. It was awesome. The whole story was so thrilling! I must've seen it atleast 10 times! Katrina Kaif and Bipasha Basu look so HOT in it!
KamZ90 on April 13, 2009
O.O? you love your friend? and he lovez you? and he'z married? and you're both guyz? (not trying to hate just trying to understand your statement) and last but not least it doesn't matter by religion if you love someone you love them it can't be helped
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