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Comments on song "Tum Bin Jaaun Kahaan - By Mohd. Rafi"
jasbongy on August 21, 2009
Very beautiful song from Rafi ji.5***** Best wishes. Sarla.
tomandjerry2007 on October 24, 2009
Still sounds fresh as ever,,,,,,,magic of the golden era of bollywood music,,,,,much better than what they are creating now.Absolute crap.
jimmy patel on January 18, 2010
really very lovely song.!!!! when i will dedicate this song to my girlfrnd
m sure that she will cry and hug me..!! thanx for upload this song
dadoo bacha on January 21, 2010
Thanks for uploading a wonderful song.Also for such a detailed information
on Mohd. Rafi Sahib's life.
Realizing2Realize on January 26, 2010
Two eternally incomparable icons of the golden era of bollywood , rafi and kishore sang this song and neither of them sing better than other but that no other singer on earth can sing this song better than rafi sahib and kishore da
And brother and sister never even think of comparing rafi and kishore with each other , one is sun and other is moon
Farhan Ahmed on February 09, 2010
Hey my friend wait wait one man can sing this song same like rafi and
kishore and that is SONU NIGAM he is the man.
monika1553 on March 08, 2010
tum bin jaaon kha
ki duniya me aa k
kuch na phir chaha sanam
tum ko chah k ...ohhhhhhhhhh i jst lov it
exactly GOLDEN ERA no comparison
free0820 on March 12, 2010
Rafi and Shashi.killer combination!!!
daranlively on March 28, 2010
pls tell me wts the meaning of this song ?
sudhirrafi on March 28, 2010
@Realizing2Realize i have never seen such a beautiful comments ever
gogi Singh on April 05, 2010
rafi is way better singer than kishore this song proves it
hareemaz on April 26, 2010
@daranlively Tum bin jaon kahan (where shall I go without you, since
hareemaz on April 26, 2010
@hareemaz oops. half my message got deleted :( Where shall i go without
you, since coming into this world, I have never loved another except you.
look at me from head to toe, I am the embodiment of love, come hold me, I
am restless, i have wandered for too long, since I have loved you. since
coming into this world, I have never loved another except you. How can you
live apart from me? even the walls will break from my cry, you must come
with me on this lonely road... :)
daranlively on April 28, 2010
meithilesh333 on May 08, 2010
the 2nd part goes like this: Now my love every climate is worth loving,
wherever there is our shadow, a festive gathering is set, let alone
gathering. even in lonliness, it seems success. PS m not gud at writing
romantic english, sorry if u didnt like. Please dont be harsh in ur
meithilesh333 on May 08, 2010
@Mahagedara2 thx bro. I really apreciate.
pagal m on May 10, 2010
ya rite. theres simply no comparison between these great singers both r
gems. but rafi ji is a lil more senior than kishor da with due respect.
Jamie Kaur on May 21, 2010
I am great fan of Asha Parekh. She had incredible figure. In this song
there is no difference between a statue and real woman. No Acress can match
her. I love you Asha Ji.
drakendrones on May 22, 2010
Rafiji n kishoreji have the set standards to such iconic heights that, no one can ever be close to those stds...PERIOD
Desitrouble on June 03, 2010
your translation was beautiful, thanks
Krishna Paramathma on June 06, 2010
Rafi saab's version is very cool and romantic while Kishore's version is
not fit on Bharat Bhushan.. both are good but Rafi's version is ultimate...
height of romance feeling...
hrishipooja on June 18, 2010
@Imrankniazi well said bro..yes its rite,, i think a singer like rafi comes
ones ever 10,000 years,,and a all rounders like kishore kumar too comes
after the same one can match them.
nobeltbastard on June 18, 2010
i can't xpress myself in words what this song did to me and the one of
kishore 2 i know one thing listen carefully, and if this song does'nt get
you look me up
rumahale on July 20, 2010
@surinderkamboj78 Thanks.
Abhijit Dubashi on August 22, 2010
People, stop comparing! Rafi seems to sing it in a more sophisticated way
because Shashi Kapoor is an educated city guy. Kishore seems to sing it in
a more free and rustic manner to match Bharat Bhushan's character in the
movie. Rafi & KK weren't supposed to sing it exactly like each other,
because the characters/personality of the actors in the movie aren't the
Suneel F1 on August 29, 2010
Asha ji...looks Stunning...!!!!
P.VIJAY KUMAR on September 26, 2010
This song Means; Where in the world can i go without you;After coming to
this world i don't want anything but you. See me from head to toe(feet) ,I
am only love.Please Hug me that ,I am very eager for it; You don't know
which all street did I roam in your want(love). How can you live separated
from me:The walls will also give off(break) hearing my stories; You must my
friend come to my deserted way( to Make it beautiful).
mausumich on September 27, 2010
i like kishore's version better. it is a burst of freshness.
the actor and actress in this version are prettier.
both kishore and rafi are great singers.
zac315jutt on October 11, 2010
one thing u all must agree with is that Rafi's voice is more melodious than
Kishore's... n while rating a singer... melody is what ought to be counted
the most... so in all fairness... Rafi was better...!!!!
Farzan36 on October 24, 2010
nice description
1234chinni on October 30, 2010
most beautiful song ever of Rafi,
Aarohi Vakil on November 09, 2010
Awesome song.
Vinod Mathew on November 09, 2010
Superb song with melodious of the best song ever sung
uscop1 on November 10, 2010
@Realizing2Realize very well said! why even compare, two singers sang the song for two diffrent actors and suits them very well. I love both!!
AneelaAndAneela on November 28, 2010
Thank You For sharing such Beautiful Songs!i iReally Enjoy Listening To Them.
Waqar Arshad on December 18, 2010
Yes Rafi sahab is sun and kishore da is moon..Moon gets light from Sun :)))
Both are awesome but i personally like rafi sahab more than kishore..Both
are Legends..
0809mayur on December 27, 2010
kishore da bohot acha gate the isame koi shak nahi but rafi sahab rafi sahab hi the unka koi jawab nahi tha aur na kabhi hoga.
Zeeshan Anwar on December 29, 2010
both r zabardast M.rafi sahib and kishore da..
hingoranee on January 05, 2011
A classic from an era when melody was queen!
Sanam xo on January 09, 2011
What a song :'( So beautifull <3
saumin85 on January 14, 2011
@Imrankniazi nooo! dont compare sonu with legends pls these ppl had their own class
talatmahfooz on January 14, 2011
Rafi sahib...kamal kur diya.. love u
Rafi Habib on January 30, 2011
the beauty of Rafi sahab's voice is beyond imagination.. i can learn what
romance is from the romance in his voice..
yugpursh on January 30, 2011
Rafi sang it very nicely but it was Kishore who stole the show. Hey do you know Kishore Kumar has given lip-moments to at least 2 of Rafi's songs, wow
asirafian on February 01, 2011
All the songs in the film have been sung by mohammed rafi except the one picturized on bharat bhushan(which is a kishore version). The same bharat bhushan, whose career is example of one after other beautiful rafi classic songs. Ironic, isnt it ? RDB had a great sense of the loyalty to kishore. The version by rafi is definitely such passion and sung with romance spirit which only rafi could deliver.
asirafian on February 01, 2011
One other version of the same song is picturised in the climax, which is quite different from this one. It will settle all debate, for a complete playback singer in favour of the incomaparable rafi
shammumoni on February 08, 2011
its amazing,touchy romantic song for ever..
avijit2k8 on February 12, 2011
@Mahagedara2 : Does anybody feel here RD could have utilized Rafi's high pitch throw little better like Sanker Jaikisan.No doubt this is one of the great songs...but somehow i felt Rafi's freeness is not here as...please suggest..
avijit2k8 on February 12, 2011
Does anybody feel here RD could have utilized Rafi's high pitch throw little better like Sanker Jaikisan.No doubt this is one of the great songs...but somehow i felt Rafi's freeness is not here as...please suggest..
MsHellofun on February 12, 2011
i love both rafi saab and kishore , but kishore has done a wonderful job ,
he is a classy singer , he has sung tum bin jahoo kaha song so fantastic ,
no one can ever sing like kishore, kishore ji is a genius
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